About Us


To fulfill our client’s needs on one of their biggest life investments by being a brokerage where our team members give a buzzz… like nobody else does

Situated in the beautiful city of Ottawa, BeeFree Realty is a real estate brokerage founded in 2018 when the leadership of the company understood that there was an opportunity for a lower cost-effective model for clients by reducing our agents’ listing commission to 1 percent.


To be a brokerage that not only saves clients on commission but is also devoted to the communal initiative of preserving our vulnerable bee population. As pollinators, bees play a large part in our environment. Be part of positive change for future generations.

BeeFree Realty recognizes the impact as well as the importance the bee population has on our lives. Therefore, we are committed to preserving the declining bee population by supporting local organic farming that have habitats where flowering plants are abundant.


BeeFree Realty is not only committed on guiding you in thriving in the selling or buying of your home, but we are also committed to guiding the bees back to a home in which they can thrive as a result of this transaction between our professional, reliable team members and our respected, valued clients.


To keep money from flying from your pocket with our low-commission platform.